our cosmic significance – star cluster


we are here our sun other stars alpha centauri proxima cenaturi and billions billions of stars are their stars are power plants certainly stars are nuclear power plants produce energy and emit it for their planets . plants grow from this divine energy and food produced from this marvelous energy and gas O2 Produces from the process of photosynthesis and so many other important processes are progressing from this star energy

How Stars produce energy certainly through nuclear reaction – H atoms fused to make He atoms this is a nuclear fusion reaction and it emits enormous energy this is the energy what we receive as light heat uv rays infra red waves and other types of energy waves Then all the stars are nuclear power plants invented by holy nature before humans born and still working very efficiently without human interferences but man made nuclear power plants are not efficient Stars including our Sun are very efficient and systematically working this is the wonders of the holy universe


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