Dental Implants Modern and Efficient method


Dental Implant – Implanting is a new technically improved effeciant treatment method . Chchlear implants in ENT surgery and Dental implants to improve mastication functions and improve aestetic appearance are frequently done implantology treatments .Dental implants , teoritically called as Endosseous implant or fixtures is a surgical component which interfaces with the upper or lower jaw ( Mandible ) bone to suport a Dental Prosthesis. What is the Dental prosthesis ? Crowns , Bridges, Dentures or appliances . are called Dental prosthesis.

The scientific basis of Modern dental implants is the Osseointergration where Materials ex- Titanium , forms close and intimate bond to Bones. First the implant fixture is placed to the bone , after that the Osseointergration takes placed . Then Dental prostesis will be fixed . After healing the Dental Crown , Bridge , Denture or appliance will be fixed . Duration of healing is variable, changes with person to person.But mostly two weeks or just more . The Main factors that leads for the sucsses of long term Osseointergrated Dental implants are the good health of Bone and the Gingiva.

The dental implants once placed it will be very similar in appearance and functionally to the Natural Tooth.It will be a great advantage for a patient . Young people and the people who are interested on their cosmetic appearance can get maximum benifits. Dental implants are the best way of replasing missing Teeth . Dental implants need good care. Gently brush with taflon instrument or a brush regularly to remove paque effectively, because we need good gingival and bone health is needed for the long term sucsses of dental implants . Visit your Dental Surgeon once in a six months . Use Dental floss for proper dental health. Dr Mayura Gamlath Dental Surgeon. Dental Implantologist


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