Beauty Facts

Beauty Facts Beauty therapy is now a key procedure in Health sector . It is widespread all over the world and Recent scientific and technological procedures invaded to beauty culture treatments . Because of that its efficiency and effectiveness are now developed into very high stage . Recently developed treatments like plastic surgery should be undergone by a surgeon .

But except this kind of advanced treatments , other efficient and modern beauty culture treatments can be easily and skillfully done by a trained beautician . Nowadays almost everyone – men and women ,girls and boys , elders , executives , professionals – pay keen attention to keep their appearance and complexion healthy and attractive .

It will better for them and the people who see them as well.. Beauty culture treatments will certainly improve the complexion , appearance and attractiveness of an individual . This will create happy and pleasant feelings , which would be a positive factor for health . Here we state some beauty tips for keeping the body attractive and healthy . 1) For Hair – a) When you are bathing use always shampoo to clean the hair . Do not use soap to clean the hair .

Soap will harm the hair and it will easily become gray .Soap contains chemical compounds such as sodium and potassium hydroxide . They will have harmful effects on hair . b) Always massage hair with your fingers and improve the blood supply . It will certainly promote hair growth and prevent premature graying . c)Apply hair oil to the scalp at least twice a week and massage thoroughly .It nourishes the hair and keep it healthy . d)Do comb your hair every day at least two times a day . Combing the hair is a traditional method but it is scientific . Combing is certainly a massage to the scalp and it improves the blood circulation .

It will enhance healthy hair growth . Hence it is a simple but effective method . For skin – Everyone loves luminous and attractive skin . There is a popular saying that “ Beauty is Skin deep “ . There are advanced meanings for this saying , but superficially we can state that Beauty is remaining within the skin or skin shows the beauty .

Following methods will improve the beauty of the skin . a) When Bathing use a body wash or mild soap . It is better if it contains a germicidal agent to counteract the fungal infections which is very common dermatological disease . b)In young ages ( mostly in teen ages ) Pimples will appear frequently due to the high hormonal concentration . Hence they have to be cautious and follow efficient health measures and treatments .; to avoid pimples occurring and their aftereffects – scars . -Wash the face with face washes frequently . -Wash the face with mild warm water . It will control the pimple spreading -Limit the intake of sugar and sugar products and chocolates .These foods aggravates the occurrence of pimples . -Get simple steam treatment .Allow steam from mild heated water be contacted to your facial skin for very short period (about 2 -5 min .) . It will warmth the skin and control the pimples occurring . -Use effective and reliable cream or application to control the pimples , recommended by a qualified health professional .

-Drink more and more water .it will cleans the body and skin and it nourishes and rejuvenate the skin . – Eat more fruits and vegetables . They are called protective foods . -Do not cut / break pimple heads . It will prevent pimples spreading and scar formation . -Sandalwood will be a very good remedy to control pimples . You can use raw sandalwood grind it and put little water and make a paste or use sandalwood containing creams . c) Use a fairness cream ( herbal or synthetic ) to maintain the complexion mainly for facial skin . Our country is a tropical country and the sun shine is intense and causing sun burns and some sort of skin discolorations . Because of that we have to use fairness cream plus uv protector creams / lotions to prevent these effects . d)Film stars or young girls or boys have to have proper concentration of the fairness of the skin .Film stars need attractive luminous complexion for their profession .Young girls and boys need good complexion to attract the boy friends or girl friends . These people need facial treatments one in twice a week to achieve good complexion . Consult your qualified beautician for this kind of treatments . e)There are some safe simple herbal remedies to improve complexion . Appling white sandalwood paste will be a good remedy . venyval and red sandalwood is another remedy for fairness and health of the skin . .


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